Sunday, December 20, 2009

Murambi - 1994

Realizat in 2006, filmul are 5 minute shi 22 de secunde, comentariul fiind in limba franceza, iar subtitrarea in engleza... Nu pot spune mai mult, insa voi adauga in subsol citeva ginduri scrise pe pagina de web ce contzine acest scurt metraj, ele apartzinind altor "necunoscutzi" shocatzi de drama acelor nevinovatzi....

Posted 11/28/09 by boredwell

The Allies knew the existence of the concentration camps yet did not bomb the rail lines leading to them. Israel continues to build settlements illegally expropriating Palestinian land and constructs a wall to effectively create a ghetto of the West Bank and Gaza and Golan. China continues to “cleanse” Tibet of Tibetans. The US attempted to exterminate Native Americans, stole their lands, forced them into reservations aka concentration camps where they died of poverty, starvation and disease. Liberia, East Timor; the Tamils in Sri Lanka; Kurds in Iraq and Turkey; Armenians in Turkey; Amazonian tribes in Brazil; Muslims in Bosnia; the genocides committed by the Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge - these peoples, all victims of our collective world silence, indifference and ignorance. The cry “never again!” uttered at the end of WW2 are hollow words, emptied of intent and devoid of commitment. Rwanda is another example in a long list of OTHERS, victims whose tears and fears continue to fall on deaf ears.

Posted 08/04/09 by Annick Soleil

Définitivement très chocantes ces scènes. Une histoire touchante et remplie de tristes souvenirs. On espère n’oublier jamais des passés comme ça et d’en profiter pour tirer quelque d’utile pour l’humanité. c’est un example à ne pas suivir.

Posted 06/19/09 by Carlton Chase

To Cindy and others… This film moves from Murambi to Darfur. But one does not have to travel that far culturally or geographically to find the continuation of the genocide begun in Rwanda in 1993. Simply drive three hours from Kigali to the border at Gisenyi and crossover into Goma, into the Kivus, into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where since 1994, 5.4 million persons have perished, in silence, without much witness by most Americans, Europeans, Asians. Where ethnic cleansing has mixed with the commerce of mineral extraction and exportation, to become a contortion of business and policy decision. The genocide given birth in the Land of a Thousand Hills is alive and well in the lands among the Great Lakes of Africa. This film need not end with a new lie, the first lie is still being uttered every Sunday, in every village, among every tribe. ENGAGE NOW. DO YOUR DILIGENCE. GET INVOLVED.

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